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The residential home inspection is a snap shot of the condition of the home and its systems. The inspection is designed to look at the home from a functional point of view. We inspect the property from roof to foundation. Our reports explain the condition of the home, the defects noted and warn you of future maintenance responsibilities.



The residential pre-inspection is a useful tool for both the agent and the seller. A pre-inspection points out what repairs may be requested during the buyer’s inspection and allows the seller to make some repairs before the home goes to market. This can take the pain and stress out of arranging for repairs when the seller is trying to prepare their move out of the home. A pre-emptive repair can also make the difference in costs between a homeowner or handyman repair compared to a licensed contractor. Finally, the report is an unbiased opinion of the condition of the home which can be used as a tool to assist the agent and seller when pricing the home. .

New Home


There are two types of new home inspections. The first inspection is a typical residential home inspection that have some limitations due to the builder’s rules. The second type home inspection is gear toward inspecting the home at various stages of construction to ensure that it is being built using the latest construction standards and that defects or poor building practices are not getting hidden within the walls. This home inspection needs to be considered at the bargaining table when you are making your offer since some builders are reluctant to have a trained eye looking over their shoulder.

Final Walk-thru Inspection


A final walk-thru inspection is an inspection to confirm that requested repairs made to the property have been completed in a workman-like-manner. This inspection is conducted three days before the close of escrow and is charged at a reduced rate.



Pool inspections vary in price between inspectors and pool contractors. Our pool inspection will look at every aspect of the pool and its equipment in addition to pool safety regulations as it relates to the property.

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Information is Key to the Transaction

A home inspection is one of the most important parts of the home purchase or selling process. This process can be very stressful for both sides of the transaction, as this is the first thorough and comprehensive evaluation of the condition of a home and its potential to be bought or sold for the right price. I understand those feeling and use my knowledge and experience as a Home Inspector and Real Estate agent to provide a realistic evaluation of the home, to put the clients concerns at ease. My inspection process uses accurate and reliable information and education for both the buyer and seller to give an honest assessment of the home, to help relieve the stress and fear of the real estate transaction.

Chris Duenas

Certified Home Inspector

Hello, my name is Chris Duenas, owner operator of Blue Phoenix Home Services and I am proud to serve the Tucson Metropolitan area and surrounding communities of Southern Arizona. No home is prefect or without flaws which is what makes the home inspection period such an important part of the Real Estate Transaction. As a Certified Home Inspector and licensed Real Estate agent, I bring knowledge and experience of the entire real estate transaction to the client to provide the best possible outcome for a smooth and easy transaction.

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Digital Reports

Electronic information and technology is the backbone of our society. This information and technology are translated in my home inspections and Home Gauge software, I use to create a residential inspection report. I adhere to the comprehensive guidelines set by the State of Arizona Standards of Professional Practice for Home Inspectors as adopted from the American Society of Home Inspectors. These guidelines provide structured inspection criteria regarding residential home inspections and ensure a complete inspection of the residential structure.

My inspection business utilizes one of the leading home inspection software programs in the industry, Home Gauge. Many features of the software program are a full-color digital inspection report that can be electronically delivered within 24 hours. The cloud-based report can be accessed on your smartphone, tablet, or computer, wherever there is internet access with up to five years of storage. As a client, your home inspection report is protected with a user name and password that is time-stamped whenever an action is taken with the report. As a Real Estate professional, your user name and password provide you the similar access as the client with the added feature of access to all reports produced for you with the Home Gauge software program. The Home Gauge software program provides the client with a multitude of additional features from a web-based appointment confirmation and contract agreement signing system, too easy to read and understand inspection and summary reports with high resolution, full-screen photographs and videos, one button report forwarding, and a “Create a Repair List feature,” to list items of concern found in the inspection and summary reports.

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